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Under the citizenship laws of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, descendants of former citizens of those nations may be entitled to local citizenship. While the regulations applicable to entitlement are rather complicated, in general lines entitlement is determined by the legal status of the parents/grandmother/grandfather, the year of birth of family members, and documentation. 

Taking out citizenship is likely to assist people seeking to live, work, study, or do business within the territory of the European Union. The Czech Republic and Slovakia are both full  members of the EU, and citizenship of those nations confers full rights of citizens of the EU.

The firm processes and arranges citizenship of the Czech Republic and of Slovakia for such descendants (those who are entitled to citizenship). This includes locating the necessary documents in local archives in Europe, translating and notarizing documents in various languages, arranging the Apostille procedure, and providing full assistance up to receipt of citizenship.

We work in collaboration with an authorized notary who provides translation and authorization services, and obtains the Apostille certificate.

Success-based fees

The firm handles procedures of this kind on a success-basis only, and fees are payable only at the end of the process. The structure is as follows:

  • The office does not request any advance payment, or any payment whatsoever, while processing the application.

  • If the application is rejected– the client is not asked to pay anything, including fees and costs.

  • We request the agreed-on payment upon the client’s receipt of citizenship.


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