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An article in German, describing the firm’s endeavours in this sphere, can be found in the link HERE

The name of the office is mentioned towards the end of the article. A translation to English of that part is here:


JJubilee years for lawyers

 „Those who had a good lawyer received more”, a former CRT attorney said dryly. And those who could not deliver documents, “but told a good story”, got a transfer of 5.000 dollars; towards the end of the disbursements when Korman had increased them by 40 percent, it amounted to 7.250 dollars. The category “plausible statements” lists more than 12.000 disbursements.

 Some lawyers specialized downright on tracing alleged relatives of Holocaust victims – and earned thereby a lot of money. According to the official CRT-II list E. Randol Schoenberg from California was involved in eight successful claim lawsuits that involved 60 million Swiss Francs. Stephen M. Harnik from New York cooperated in around 30 successful lawsuits that brought in almost 14 million, the Israeli lawyer Erez Bernstein successfully represented claimants about 70 times who applied for a total of 14 million Francs. Jost von Trott zu Solz from Berlin who deceased in 2009 was involved in about a dozen successful claims of 4.3 million Francs.

Article in German

In re Accounts of Julian Schachian and Siegfried Schachian

Examples of past cases can be found below:


Since  2000, we have handled large number of claims seeking the restitution of funds dating back to WWII, in nations then under German occupation. Processing is performed vis-à-vis several institutions, depending on the place where the funds were deposited.

As part of handling the cases, the firm employs investigators with expertise in locating archival records relating to the assets, and also in regard to locating family documents enabling the restitution of the funds.

The period required to obtain the funds ranges on average from one to two years, and in a few cases slightly longer.

The firm has previously handled a not inconsiderable number of claims in connection with accounts held in Swiss banks, under the Claims Resolution Tribunal (CRT).

Decisions concerning cases processed in the CRT framework are published in accordance with the CRT’s regulations, on its internet site. The URLs of several decisions on cases which the firm handled appear below.  The URL to an article in German, describing the firm’s endeavours in this sphere, also appear below.

We continue dealing with claims pertaining to monies deposited in different locations (usually not in  Switzerland). Rulings on claims currently being heard are not published on the internet, and are confidential, by law.

Claims that our firm handles are conducted outside tribunals and institutions that formerly existed and have been closed down.

Success-based fees

The firm deals with claims of this kind solely on a success-base, according to a percentage of the amount ultimately obtained by the client:

  • The office does not request any advance payment, or any payment whatsoever, while processing the claim.

  • In the event of failure – the client is not asked to pay anything, including fees and costs.

  • In cases of full success, the whole amount is transferred directly to the client’s account, not through the firm’s account.

  • The firm requests payment of the agreed-on percentage only after the monies have actually entered the client’s bank account. We do not request any further payment, beyond the agreed-on percentage.

Past cases

in re Accounts of Artur Zadek

in re Account of Alexander Sporer

in re Accounts of Hans Perutz

The website of the CRT can be found here
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