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In today’s world, there are many cases in which property and/or funds and/or estates are defined as ‘unclaimed’. Our expertise lies in locating those assets, and restoring them to descendants who are lawfully entitled to them.

Legislative procedures in some former Communist Bloc nations have set a deadline for arranging abandoned ‘unclaimed’ assets. In cases where their ownership is not settled by the date determined in the country’s legislations, the assets pass to the state or the relevant municipality. We also handle the location and arrangement of that kind of abandoned assets, registering them in the current owner’s name, and selling them.

Success-based fees

The firm handles this kind of claims on a success-base, according to the percentage of the amount that the client ultimately obtains. When it is a question of real-estate, expenses are also usually payable to third-parties. For instance, arranging historical taxation, local licences, and the sale of the assets, local notary’s fees and so on.

The basic structure is as follows:

  • The office does not request any advance payment, or any payment whatsoever, while processing the claim.

  • In the event of failure – the client is not asked to pay anything, including fees and costs.

  • In the case of success, expenses actually paid during the process to third-parties (taxes/licences etc.) are deducted from the estate.

  • Our fees are in accordance with the agreed-on percentage from the net amount remaining after payment of the expenses.


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